MAGIX Experiment Overview

The MAinz Gas Injection Target EXperiment MAGIX will use the ERL mode of MESA. The electron beam interacts with the MAGIX gas jet target in the scattering chamber, which is directly connected to the beam pipe without any windows. Exploiting the high beam current of MESA and the low density of the gas jet target, luminosities on the order of 1035cm-2s-1 are achieved. To maintain the vacuum in the system, the gas jet is pumped out by a cascade of vacuum pumps immediately after interaction with the electron beam.

After scattering off the MAGIX gas jet target, the electrons may enter the acceptance of either of the two identical magnetic spectrometers, where they are focused to focal plane detectors, which consist of a time projection chamber and a trigger veto system for each spectrometer.

To detect recoil particles of the gas jet in addition to the scattered electrons, a silicon strip detector can be placed in the scattering chamber.

Due to the relatively low beam energy, the energy of the scattered particles is limited, and therefore, the entire system has been optimized to minimize the interaction of these particles before their detection.