MAGIX Collaboration:  (a) electron scattering experiment MAGIX  (b) beam dump experiment DarkMESA

Welcome to the MAGIX!

The Mission

The MAGIX Collaboration is committed to perform, evaluate, and interpret cutting-edge electron scattering experiments at the high-intensity electron accelerator MESA in Mainz, Germany. Central components of the MAGIX experiment at MESA are an internal gas jet target, two high-resolution magnetic spectrometers equipped with advanced tracking detectors and a trigger/veto system, as well as supplementary recoil detectors. In addition, the collaboration is also pursuing experimental investigations focused on the quest for dark matter and other exotic particles through the utilization of a dedicated beam dump experiment, DarkMESA.

The key physical objectives of the collaboration are:

Dealing with the latest technology and working at the edge of knowledge also provides an exceptional training ground for young researchers; mentoring and guiding young students is a key component of our mission as well.

The MAGIX Project is hosted by the ⇒ Institute for Nuclear Physics of the ⇒ University of Mainz. The experiments, as well as the accelerator, are currently under construction.